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Veterans of the Armed Forces and the RCMP are entitled to personalized support.

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Have you been a member of the CAF or the RCMP, and despite the passage of time, memories haunt you and make you suffer in silence?

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Revaluation of a
psychological condition

Looking for an empathetic psychologist to reassess a VAC-recognized psychological or psychiatric condition?

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disability tax credit

Are you disabled by your service and do not have access to a health care professional authorized to complete the T2201 form?

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Do you need a VAC form filled out by a health professional who doesn't know you?

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Understand ; Support ; Facilitate

You served your country

But do you feel that your service is misunderstood by health professionals?


Are you meeting with a health care professional as part of your VAC procedures, and you’re worried that you’ll forget important information, that you’ll express yourself poorly, that you’ll be misunderstood, and that the assessment won’t reflect the importance of your injury and its connection to your service? We’ll create a unique file for you, making it easier for you to consult us and helping a healthcare professional to understand you.

We Can Help

We will accompany you…

  • Filling out forms is a drain on your energy? We’ll support you according to your needs.
  • Are you anxious about digging through your VAC papers as part of your assessment process? We can do it for you, scan them on the spot and even organize them to suit your needs.
  • Veteran Evaluation understands what an operational stress injury is, and offers a personalized service that respects the uniqueness of veterans, their condition and their situation.

Health care professionals

Veteran Evaluation makes your life easier!

Your Work


You’re already very busy. You may be unfamiliar with military service or not understand VAC’s administrative procedures. What’s more, it’s difficult to make the link between a condition and the department in the absence of the service medical records.

However, the lives of veterans and their families are strongly influenced by the information provided on VAC forms. Although they are sincerely motivated to help CAF and RCMP veterans, health professionals sometimes refuse to complete them due to lack of information and time. 

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Your perspective will change with our personalized services. Our expertise lies in providing you with the information you need, presented according to your requirements, to complete your job quickly and without ambiguity. In addition to saving valuable time, you’re helping a veteran see his or her affection for VAC well represented, facilitating access to the programs and services he or she needs. 

Services tailored to your needs

  • Preparation of personalized files (including a 60 minutes interview)
  • Presentation (in person or by videoconference) on the challenges of VAC’s administrative procedures for veterans and the health professionals who treat them
  • Referral of veterans: psychological or medical assessment, treatment, follow-up, T2201 disability tax credit and credit for severe and prolonged impairment (Quebec)
  • Affordable packages for health professionals in private practice and multidisciplinary medical clinics
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